Orb Photo?

by Donald Cochrane
(Dunedin, New Zealand)

I would be interested in anyone's opinion of this interesting - and very intense - light which appeared in a photo taken of a family grave in daylight. Is it a dust particle, pollen particle, light flash or???? I took two images in quick succession, this light with wispy, wavy edges only appears on this image and there was nothing reflective on the grave. The location is a cemetery in Dunedin New Zealand

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Oct 16, 2015
Orb Photo NEW
by: Joe Root

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May 13, 2015
Re : Comment NEW
by: Donald C.

Thank you Michelle, fascinating

May 04, 2015
spirits NEW
by: Michelle

Spirits are balls of light. We are light. There are orb photos and balls of light photos. An example if you check out the cover of my ebook - Smile And Say...BOO! A Collection Of Ghostly Photographs. Or check out the page on FB. That photo was taken at a haunted inn in MA. You see the balls of light. Also, Mark Anthony the Pshychic Lawyer, a very gifted medium describes spirits as balls of light as well. He should know!

Jun 14, 2014
Re : Your Light , , , by J.C NEW
by: Donald Cochrane

Very interesting comment JC. The grave is of my Great Aunt who died as long ago as the late 1940's, well before I was born so I never knew her. But being buried on her own I visit once in a while so she's not forgotten. The dark mark at the head of the grave was caused by me placing the loose marble name plaque back in its original position for the photo. As you can see by the shadows, the sun was shining right to left. While I was considerably surprised to find this "Light" and almost felt as if someone [whoever] was trying to make themselves known to me. I am definitely not a sceptic and have a very open mind but realise that others do not share my opinions. It's actually an old cemetery opened in 1858 and most internments ceased around the 1950's except for family members interred in old plots. Maybe this photo is in the wrong category then?

Jun 13, 2014
Your Light , , , NEW
by: ~JC

The light you posted beside a grave in New Zealand is most fascinating. I ghost hunt and have never personally had a light such as this show up on a photo. I've encountered many orbs in my photos, but this does not look to me like an orb. The orbs I've encountered have all been translucent. Your light is opaque and seems to shine. It looks much more like spirit energy to me. Was this the grave of someone you'd known or been very close to?


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