Orb over Xmas Tree

by Jill Fraser
(Epping england)

Good afternoon

I would like to share my story with you & ill add a picture with it :)
We sadly lost my brother 4 years ago & at Xmas when we put the Xmas tree up (& had finished decorating it), I took some pictures. The first couple came out normal & with no orbs/light or whatever but by the third picture a light started to appear. At first the light was clear & we have the pics to prove it. Then suddenly a face appeared which we immediately recognised as my brother. I have found my favourite pic of him which I put on Facebook on the anniversary of his death or birthday & it looks like that.
We were told about a year ago that my brother is a strong prescience in our house & has not yet gone over!
Since Xmas we have seen face after orb after orb (faces we don't recognise too)!

Many thanks & awaiting your views on it please.

Kind Regards

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