orb in motion!!! protective???

by arrielle french

well i was at my friends house and her brother came in and wanted us to record him doing the knife challenge. We took a few videos because he messed up a few times but in about 3 of our videos we noticed the presence of an orb. We watched the videos many times and the major one was when a big orb appeared out of no where and went across my friends brothers hands causing him jump. The orb came out of no where and moved upward and made some type of upside down "J". In other videos we looked closely every second and noticed that the orb appeared there too, once in the corner and another very faint one skimming across his chest. in the videos we saw them moving and would pause the videos and take screen shots then zoom in and see if we could find anyting. We saw the face of the man that lived in the house previously but died of a heart attack. My friends family also have pictures of another orb with his face and one with the head of a horse, which made sense because the land their house is on was once farm land. We researched orbs and found that the white colored orbs are usually the protective and kind type but the orb also had a hint of green and light pink and we found many other things like protective, dishonest, and confused. We kind of made the theory that he was dishonest by telling everyone that he was fune and then dyeing and that he is confused as to what he is doing here still and that he is still attracted to the land. I would add a picture or video but they are on my phone and i am on the laptop.

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