Orb attack

by Javier Gonzalez

This event occurred when I was around 11 yrs old so 2001. So it was late around 11 or 10 pm. My mother had instructed me to go into the backyard and turnoff the hose that was watering her plants. When I heard this I hesitated a little. The reason why is because the night before I had seen this bright light in the corner of my backyard. It spooked me because this light was brighter than normal and in such a weird spot for a bright light to be. I had never seen this before.

So I went into the backyard as instructed looking all around to see if that was around. It was not. So I go over the faucet bend over to turn off the hose. This next part scared me for quite a while and I will never forget this. As I bent over to turn off the faucet I turned my head and saw this really bright orb of light the size of a softball zip over my head almost as if it was trying to hit me. The orb of light then zipped away in a zig zag motion into my neighbors backyard. I ran inside and was speechless.

The craziest thing was that after that night I started seeing so many more orbs but they were always moving at really fast speeds and were not as bright or vivid as the one that flew over my head that night. However that stopped after a few years. This was all in my hometown of Modesto, CA.

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