Opelika Al. Connie

by connie
(Opelika Al. U.S.A.)

Wanted to tell you about a very one of a kind in hauntings.This place is Springville Mansion at Springville Park a few miles from Opelika Al.I and my husband have a paranormal team T.O.S.Paranormal Research Team out of Opelika al.We have been to Sringville over 30-40 times thanks to the caretaker there who is very nice to let us come so much.He is very respeckful as we are of this place.We have had soooo many things happen there that is unreal.If you are a non believer you will be a believer. we have had things happen with the two children there in the childrens room upstairs.Several times we can sit on the floor in the childrens room and put our flashlight in the hallway about 12-15 feet away.We will ask if the children are there turn the light on and they will and then asked if it is really them turn the light off and it goes off.We have even jumped around our flashlights to see if any movement would turn them on or off they never turned on and off.That is one reason we sit on the floor so there is no movement from us.We have gotten the loudest evp in our 6yrs.hunting.Mans voice that yelled YES I said YELL and slapping a cane on the floor.trying his best for our attention.I took one of the best in the group several times his name is Skipper and he happens to be my loving dog who by the way is a great ghost hunter taken him to many places. A note;our team prays when we enter and exit a place and I say one to cover Skip.Think what you may but this has saved us many times from harm and all the team believe in Jesus.We have seen a shadow figure several times,orbs out the yang-yang.Several other things.we love this place and we found the more we go to a place the more they will do.Skipper has seen several things noted by his growling.Skipper and I and another team member were in the kitchen building and we were watching Skipper he was just standing still then all of a sudden something or someone swept his back legs from under him when we sat at the table I had some things in my lap again someone or something threw all the stuff maybe 6 ft. away with force to the floor. Wonderful place we will never tirer of this place our thanks to the caretaker again we love you.

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