One Small Orb that influenced itself when traveling over the dome of my head

by Tim Cichocki
(Fort Wayne Indiana USA)

This was during my hunting day i took about 2 years ago. I was on the ground hearing the earths frequency quite well. I sat next to a tree and the frequency was starting to rise more and more when i began to calm down. This is in the eased state of the mind where connecting to different aspects of life become easier. I noticed small lines in the middle of the sky appear out of no where. They flashed in a solid line and vanished away. I seen several light white balls of energy thinking of Buddhism it might be. Well after noticing these fictions i felt a light energy connect with me above the dome of my head. Once i accepted the energy, the flow of the energy transferred through my arms and my legs evenly. After a short while of trying to under stand what had happened i seen the ball float from the dome of my head to the ground as if the energy was being lifted and this ball wanted a breath and time away.

If anyone can capture this energy into a small area it would be ideal for us to listen to what it wants to say. As if there was a device on top of a tv that would accept the energy of the orb and transfer it into a program like cable tv. I know this for a fact. You keep taking ekg's and noticing spikes.. Well lets try to get ahead and understand what this external life is all about. Then it would be like avatar and we would be able to transfer through realms and listen/watch our elders on tv. this can happen...

Im really connected to frequencies, i know the earths tone very well. I can count cars ahead of time quite easily its shocking to see. I know if i studied the mind in Buddhism id greatly appreciate life more. being able to transfer energy is a must in the future, along with great feelings like making hair stand up on a persons body by a touch from the finger. Thinking in slow motion like the movie... The Wanted. I've done it but i was controlled. I have saved someone's life when they got stung by a bee and didnt have their injector pen, i happened to store kinetic energy by a rapid rate inside my body and shocked her arm with a spark and saved her life. She actually reversed the symptoms after turning completely white from no oxygen. The really cool thing is i had to collect energy while moving away from her and i jumped back to her off a tree and struck the tree with my energy and it was exactly like being shocked by lightening. This was a 70 foot tree with a crack all the way down to the bottom.

If you want to get ahold of me please email me back.
Im pretty smart but want to understand more about energy and others.

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