The Omni royal orleans, New Orleans

the haunted provincial hotel

The Omni Royal Orleans

621 St. Louis Street

New Orleans

Louisiana 70140

Phone: (504) 529-5333

Fax: (504) 529-7089


Before being purchased by Omni Hotels, it was called the Royal Orleans. It was constructed in 1960 on the corner of St. Louis Street and Royal Street near Jackson Square, at the site of the old St. Louis Hotel, which had been destroyed in the New Orleans Hurricane of 1915. The hotel has been rated four diamonds by AAA for the past 27 years.


It is said that a maid who died during the hurricane of 1915 at the hotel while it was the St. Louis still sees to the comfort of her guests on the second floor, who wake up to find the sheets of the bed tucked tightly around them, as if to keep them warm.

However, she doesnt always seem to be helpful, the cold water faucets have been known to often turn themselves on in the middle of the night. No normal reason has ever been found for this. The identity of who the ghostly maid is seems to forever remain a mystery.

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