Omaha Nebraska , Brandi Niebur , croften Ne

by Brandi Niebur
(Omaha Nebraska )

It was my first night in croften, me and my cousin walked around in the night time, finally we go up to the hotel of croften. Suddenly I began to hear screams and yelling. I thought it was just someone fighting so I walked some more, then I heard scratching as if someone was trying to get out. Freaked me out. So we walked back to the house. Finally morning came around and we took your morning walk. We walked toward the hotel again. I sat down at the bench for a while. My cousin took a picture of me and the stuffed guy they had outside . I packed my things up and left for omaha. I went and got the photo devolped. I looked closly and there was a young lady and a little girl sitting right next to me.

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