The Old Hollis Inn

the old hollis inn

The following information was submitted by Jennifer from the Old Hollis Inn. A very creepy sounding place that hold events through the year, if your interested in taking a closer look at the place why not visit their site by clicking Here

The following submission remains un-altered.

The Old Hollis Inn was named after the family that resided in the home from the 1936 through the 1990's. In August 1943 an explosion occured and the 7 year old boy who resided in the home was burned over most of his body. He died later that night.

The family remained in the home throughout the generations until 1999 when the family home was sold. It has passed through many hands and most have not stayed at the home for any extended time.

In February 2011 the home was purchased by a husband and wife planning on making the grand home into a bed and breakfast someday. The wife requested that a paranormal investigation team and medium go through the home.

While there multiple EVP's where recorded including "Pain, Turn Around, Go Home, Not today, I Do, Mommy, Just get going, Over here" and many more personal experiences include hearing footsteps, whispers, piano music, cold spots, touching, etc. Multiple paranormal investigation groups have investigated the home and continue to find evidence.

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