by Emily
(Sioux City, IA)

On the top floor, used to be apartments; it actually might still be. It mostly is just used for storage. But if you go up there, you make a big mistake. It is very very dusty and hard to see. You will be terrified because all you can feel and hear is someone, somewhere, something in the room with you, walking, talking, and moaning. Some say they like to go up there for fun. But it doesn't ever turn out to be. It is one of those situations where you don't know if you're crazy or just stupid because you hear things. I know a lady who knew it was haunted, but needed something from up there. So she sent her two ten year old boys to go get it. As they got up there, they immediately got an erry feeling that they were not alone, and they were right. They got the box or two boxes and started walking out. Sadly, of course they got touched and scared. So they dropped the boxes and ran out and downstairs. They told there mom, and she already knew about the hauntings. It is now a tourist attraction. Once you go up there, you can never deny the existence of ghosts ever again.

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