Old western state insane asylum ruins, stiellacoom wa

by Matt
(Spanaway wa)

So after dinner on Christmas Eve me my brother and his gf went to old western state insane asylum. It started out pretty cool we parked out cars at the gate cuz they were locked and we couldn't get through. So after walking down the road a quarter mile as soon as we were approaching the first barn which was about 100 feet in front of us there was a light shining in the dark out of no where. I didn't see it at first. My brother said something about it but sure enough there was a light. It was like an LED lantern not a flashlight. It was completely still and not moving around. It dimmed out for like 2 seconds then turned back on brighter than the first time then died out permanatly. We waited in the same spot and didn't move for a little bit trying to see someone but saw nobody. Meanwhile I have my 9 Milly with me just in case. So we slowly starts walking slower to our destination and we still saw nobody. I had my gun drawn on that area the whole time! I didn't walk directly up to it tho. Ima do that with some more hommies (Christmas Day) lol. So when we go past the last barn a car starts coming down the road again I didn't see it first my brother did. So I'm thinking it's the cops and start running towed the barn and they take off up the first trail. I told them to follow me cuz i was going to be right up againsed the opposite side of the barn the car was on then we could have ran around it and jukes the person/cop and hopefully got away. But when I got around to see where it was it was completely gone. And no joke nobody could drive in the gates were

locked?...and there were puddles on the pavement but no tire tracks before or after the puddles? So my brothers girl starts freeking out at this poing begging and demanding us to go home. After an argument we decide to keep going in. So we get to the trail and start walking up it. We were soon surrounded by woods and brush. We came to a y in the trail. It was dark but looked like it got lighter at the end of the y cuz the trail ended there...now when we start to walk towed the left trail I heard what I now know to be my brothers necklace clinging around we stopped. They didn't know that's why I stopped but that's why I thought they stopped. But they stopped cuz they heard something in the bushes to our right. I emediatly heard it. I had my gun drawn on it and told my bro and his gf to get behind me cuz I didn't want whatever it was to go after them and stuff..before I go on its I just want to say if it was an animal wouldn't it have made noise as soon as we were close to it. It waited till we started up our trail? And it wasn't like an animal scurrying off it was slow and consistent! The whole time I was hering it I was basically yelling at my fam to get behind me. We start turning back. They went first down the trail and I was last and made sure nothing was following us. Nothing strange happened on the way back. But I will say I read another story on here where they had the car insident happen to them. And they also mentioned that the gates were locked. That's the main reason I had to say something cuz it was so similar. And there's gonna be more tonight.

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