Old Town, Florida


I had to move to a deceased relative's home back in 2007. First off, I have experienced paranormal activity since I was about 6. I'm 60 now. I could write a book of the things I've seen and heard. I've also been physically attacked several times. I will skip way ahead to 2007. This is the worst time in my life. The first few nights of moving in my husband was out of town working. I was alone and had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off as I was walking into the bedroom (the light was off) and I saw a man standing there enshrouded in white light. I screamed at first because it startled me and I thought it was my husband for an instant and he had come home early. But it was not him. The guy was about 25. He was wearing blue jeans with a short sleeved plaid shirt. He had short wavy or somewhat curly hair. I could see the colors in his shirt but at the same time I could see through everything. Then he vanished before me. I was'nt afraid because I'm used to these happenings. I said "Lord, who was that?" There were many other "happenings" way before I saw that man again. Probably 2 years had passed. The next and last time I saw him was when my husband and I were sitting out on the screened in porch. There was another room off to the side and I just happened to be facing that room with the door opened and of course I just happened to be looking that way and I saw that same guy step out from behind the door (but only half way) and look at me with a smile. Same clothes and everything and I just said "Okaaaaaay." I told my husband what I just saw but as usual he didn't believe I saw anything. His motto is " If I don't see it with my eyes then I don't believe it." I sure wish I would have thought to say "Well, you believe in God, Jesus, Hell, and Heaven but you don't see them." Sadly, he passed away. I'll have more experiences to tell later on. I no longer live in Old Town, Florida so I can't give out the name and address of the owner of the home. Thank you for taking time to read one of my experiences.

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