Old man in the closet

by Cammy
(Berrien Springs, MI)

A few years back I had to move back in with my parents with my two girls. We all shared a bedroom on the main floor. My two girls had a bunk bed and I was in the full bed on the other side of room by the closet. In this night in particular my youngest daughter at the time madison wanted to sleep with me. Both girls were asleep when I came to bed. I had just closed my eyes when I was awaken by a coolness so to adjust the covers I open my eyes and as I looked towards the closet this mist of a head with the facial expression of a very mean old man yelling something at me(could not hear anything) was coming at me from the closet. I hurried and flipped over my daughter and tried to pick her up out of bed to get the hell away from that area, but for some reason I could not lift her at all it was like she was 100 lbs. heavier than before. I turned screaming for my dad who was in his room down the hall as I run out of the room screaming something tripped me and what seemed to grab my ankle. I kept screaming a blood curdling scream and peeing my pants due to the extreme fear I had. My father came running out of the room and helped me off the floor. He had stated that he had not heard a scream like that since Vietnam a time he never speaks about. I was stark white, wet with piss and embarrassed because of it. But what happen was real..I had finger print bruises around my ankle as if something did grab me. After removing my daughters from the room, my dad called our dog to go in there with him. Bear would reach the edge of the door way and lay down crying not wanting to have anything to do with the room at that time. This is just one of the events that have happen to me in this room...I will submit the next which by all accounts tops this one. Till this day I do not speak of it because I am afraid it will conjure up whatever happen that night and happen again. It is severely frightening not knowing how you would fight something that is there one second and gone the next. I understand if people have their doubts but what I am submitting truly did happen and if there is some way it could be reasoned I would love to try.

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