old Lowell Middle School,Lowell, IN

I was walking down the stairs, from the third floor. I felt like someone was kicking me in the back of the leg. So I almost fell down the stairs. The story of it is that a girl fell down the stairs and broke her neck. So the stairs are haunted.

There was a pool, and a kid drownded in the pool. so they put concrete over the pool. So no one would get hurt.
A language teacher got kicked out of his house. So he went to the school and stayed. One of the janitors found him and turned him in and the princeable and fired him. But he could not go back to his house. So he stayed up in the third floor, and that night he died of a heart attack. So now the third floor band room is haunted.

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May 09, 2013
gone NEW
by: Mh from Lowell Middle school ( student)

the old Lowell middle school is gone they made it fall to the ground now there is a new Lowell middle school they left to old Lowell about 3 years ago. But yes it was suppose to be haunting's in there my bro went there and said that you could hear and see shadows in the bathrooms sometimes but know one was there and people were unexpectedly pushed and pulled and hurt for some unknown reason.

Oct 02, 2011
by: Lexi Summers

This is not even close to being true? The rumor of a "student drowning in the pool" is not true. Supposedly, 3 teenage boys broke into the middle school at night. While exploring the basement, 1 of the boys tripped and fell into the EMPTY POOl. He suffered broken bones, but no tradgedies. The pool was never in use, it was- and will remain- EMPTY. As for the third floor, alledgedly, janitors refuse to go up to the third floor after 8 P.M.(sunset) because on occasion you can hear shrill cries of a girl screaming, & trumpets being played loudly. One time, desks & chairs were even pushed up against the wall in the band room.

Jun 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

it wasnt a language teacher. it was a shop class teacher. and he couldnt afford to live at home and started living in the shop, he retired. did not die on third floor.

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