old house, new people, new haunting?

by mick

we bought a house near a very old graveyard. my wife and i have both had several experiences in this house of ours. one evening when we were working on the renovations, there were several shadows lurking about inside the house. i experienced something pulling my pillow out from under my head at 8am, my wife, the dog and the cat were all several rooms away. after my son was born, my wife was rocking him to sleep and heard somebody saying wake up, wake up, while she was rocking him to sleep. he has had 2 years of severe night terrors. the latest moment of spooky was the garage door lights. i would turn them off, looking and it would be on or turn on when i looked into the garage. it got so weird, just last week, that i had to disconnect the lights bulbs when the light turned on when i looked at the garage and off again when i walked away. the garage has a breezeway between us and the living area. also, whatever it is, loves playing with the dvd player. i cant pause the thing unless my wife is there. it will pause, then start playing whenever it wants. it will turn itself on, play and do all of this with the remote in a different room. i have seen shadows in my daughters room with the night light on. we have smudged the house several times, i have prayed over the house and the rooms several times, and even consecrated the house with annointing, but it still goes on.

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