Old Friend

by Bailey Mae

I never used to believe in ghosts. ThenI was haunted. I wrote about when I was haunted and then decided to ask my mom if anything happened and this is what she said.

My mom told me when I was about two or three and my dad was at work it would just be us in the house, with my baby sister. We lived in the country a long time ago. It was a farm, with pigs, chickens, and a duck. She said i would suddenly get happy and want to be picked up, but not by her. She thought I was just touchy and eventually ignored me. But one day, while my baby sister was somewhere, I think at the doctor's (she didn't say where, just that she wasn't there) I suddenly reached up like i wanted top be held. I watched as something went into the room and out the other door. I started crying. She said the door even opened and closed. She said she picked me up and ran out the front door. I do not remember that, and she said I never acted like i wanted to be held unless it was for someone really there again, and that i did not want to be held for several weeks.

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