OKC, Oklahoma

I have always been able to see ghosts, but this has stuck with me the most. I was eight years old and we had just moved into our new house. When we pulled up I new something was not right. We walked inside and I started to look around, I kept feeling uneasy the further I went on but I didn't see anything.

A week later when my siblings and I went to bed, I was just lying there and I heard whispers and giggles in the closet. The next morning I didn't tell anyone.
A month later, after my birthday, I was again lying there in my bed and fell asleep. I must have not been asleep for very long because it was still dark outside when I woke up. I was scared when I awoke for some reason (I still don't know why).I kept hearing footsteps in the hallway, and giggles in the closet, seeing creatures crawling on the floor, and ceiling. I tried to scream out but I couldn't make a sound.
Tears started rolling down my face and then I saw her. She was about my age and was standing next to my sisters' bed. The ghost girl wore a white nightgown. She had blonde hair and a sad expression on her face. I saw her only for a split second.
That's when I started to actually hear my screams and cries. I don't know how long it went on; probably until my older brother came in and said that he was going to go get our mom. When he left I lied there crying until my mom came.
When she finally did come, I told her everything that happened and she stayed there with me until I was asleep. The next night I said out loud, "Leave me alone and act as if this were your own house." She must have heard me because I heard footsteps walk into the bathroom, the bathtub fill up, splashes of water, the bathtub draining out, footsteps come into my room and in the closet, then some giggles.
Nothing like that ever happened again to me. They are still there in that house. To this day I can see ghosts like they're alive. I now have a ghost friend named Trevor.

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