Ocean Shores Peninsula

by Ethan
(East Wenatchee, Washington)

My friends and I were walking on the peninsula of ocean shores on vacation. as we were walking we saw a gravel road, so we followed it. as we followed it, it slowly began to become the grass around it. as we reached the end we look down and see a human muzzle. the kind they use on mentally insane people to keep them from biting. it had the name Shawn written on it and an ID number. as we walked farther we saw a flock of geese on the ground and heard a loud, deep barking sound, the geese took off but no dog. we looked and there were BIG footprints of where the dog supposedly was. and when it started to get dark we saw footprints of fancy dress shoes of some sort dug into the ground as if they were running and then it looked like there was a struggle there. on a tree a bit off to the right there is a set of bare foot prints as if somone was trying to climb up a tree because they stopped at the tree. my friend picked up a rock and said if there is anything there then knock the rock out of my hand. nothing happened and then he yelled "COME AND GET ME!!!" out of nowhere there was a loud blood curdling scream as we ran to where the sound was there was nothing there. to this day we still try and figure out what is going on in that eerie cold place.

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