Ocean Drive, Miami

by Julia McCoy

There is this 'restaurant' or something in Ocean Drive which sells pizzas. Well, only some people have been inside that place (which has no name, I think) because a boy always sits on a chair outside the 'restaurant' reading a book and the people order him the pizzbas. Well, one day he was not in his regular place so I decided to go inside. But something very unexpected & strange happened:

As I approached the counter, I got a very cold touch and creepy feeling as I was the only one there. As I was staring at the empty room, I saw something black fly across one coffee table through the corner of my eye but when I looked at the same table once more there was nothing. After some time I heard the voice of a young child saying something like "mommy.....d ad" or "momma....daddy" I stood there, I wanted to scream and run away but I couldn't. It was a feeling like "somebody help! I'm frozen inside this block of ice..!"
About 10 minutes later, I was finally able to move. I turned around and ran away, screaming.

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May 24, 2011
I like it
by: Cara

Your story is very impressive, very good and I LIKE it.

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