Norwood, MA Corner of Nichols St and Vernon St

(Norwood, MA)

Well, a friend of mine lives in a row house at the corner of Nichols St, and Vernon St in Norwood, MA., that was turned into condominiums. She told me that one day she was looking out the window and saw on the street in front of her house a line of people in the road like they were marching in a parade and they were all dressed in old clothing from the 1800's. She didn't think much of it at first because she thought maybe there was a re-enactment going on in town, until she realized that the people in the parade were transparent and then disappeared.

Her boyfriend moved into her condo unit in May 2012 and remarked about seeing a parade in the street and she told me she laughed and told him that was no parade. I guess other neighbors have witnessed this as well.

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