Northern Elementary School, Northern Township(Bemidji) Minnesota

by Jamison Deane

Last Year two kids stayed a little after school to work on their science fair project. They were working in the computer lab when a shadow in the corner of one of the kid's eye caught his attention. He turned to look. What he saw was a figure glide across the room on the wall, and up the stairs.

Then the kids heard someone playing the piano.. The Two Kids Bravely walked up the stairs. One ran back down as soon as they got to the top, but the other one stayed. The Piano Playing stopped and the sound of footsteps started as if whoever were walking was wearing high heels. The Noise got closer and closer. Then the same black figure appeared. The Kid Fainted. When he awoke he was mummering the words ' The Devil is waiting' over and over.

The Kids' names were not mentioned to protect their Identities.

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