North Adams, Ma. Houghton Mansion

by Marc

The Mansion was built in 1890 for A.C. Houghton and his family. Mr. Houghton was the first Mayor of N. Adams and a well liked and respected man. After a tragic car accident in 1914 that killed Mary, the daughter of A.C. and her friend Mary Hutton, the driver of the car, John Widders, commited suicide in a horse barn out back. Shortly after this tragedy, A.C. Houghton passed away from what they say was a broken heart. The house is now owned by the Free Masons an they have embraced the activity and actually give overnight ghost hunts here. A.C, Mary, John Widders, a little girl named Laura and a few other spirits are still very active in this historic home. There have been reports of full bodied apparitions on the 3rd floor and in the basement as well as shadow figures throughout the house. Doors slam and EVP's are plentiful.

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