Noblesville haunted locations

by Todd Anderson
(Noblesville Indiana)

Well there is woods off allisonville road near the entrance of Wellington Bluffs. Reports say their is devil like worshipping that goes on around the area. I have done alot of research on the area and have found some very disturbing stories of killings and hangings. One story includes a house that burned down which the area now is a mansion a 14 year old boy and his mother both died in the fire. People say they can see him riding his bike through the woods and laughing evilly. My wife has told me she has seen people around a fire dancing in the woods. I have personally have seen activity. I live on Kensington dr. I can sometimes hear loud creepy music blaring from the woods. I think these stories are 100% true and have no doubt that stuff happens in those woods

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Nov 05, 2021
Wellinton buffs
by: Anonymous

My mom saw a old house in thecwoods behind the horse pasture,,shectold us to go see if anything good to take
So my brother and i climb the fence walked psst the horse to the house in the woods
We explored that house on the bluff in the 1960s..

The house have a cobblestone driveway leading up with gas lights ..very pretty and very old money
With white columns and a
It was empty ..
We went in
The wall facing the bluff was gone
Only a view of the sides of bluff
With a casket 1/2 way out of the dirt

The wall paper was cut horizontally
The stairs same thing
The house seemed like someone had just cut it in half..
We couldnt climb stairs..cut in 1/2
1/2 a chandelier..

All of a sudden we freaked out run across the horse pasture to the car screaming drive now
My mom was so afraid of how we were behaving she couldnt get the car to go the gravel. Spinning gravel everywhere Finally we took off

She calmed down and drove back..
There was NO house in the woods past the horse pasture

We never found that house again

Anyone else out there find that house or know the history

Jun 04, 2014
the red hallway NEW
by: jodan

the red hallway is a myth and you shoud not ever talk about it not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 08, 2014
Scaryy ! NEW
by: Jasmine

Oh My ! This Is Just Very Creeepyy ! o.o Hope Nothing Happens Anymore ! ._.

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