by Amber

Every night my little sister has nightmares im not sure what there about but now she is afraid to sleep (she is three) one night she snuck into my bed and went to sleep she woke up screaming,but in one second her fac changed she eyes were huge and she looked like a demonic doll and she started scrathing her neck really fast. I tried talking to her and she mumbled some odd words (couldnt tell what it was).Ever since i was a baby i had stred off into space smiling,when i was 5 my bed would shake violently and no one would belive me,when i was 10 i felt like someone was behind me so i said who are you a lighter on a table moved and a fire alarm in MY room went off.So clearly somthing is wrong what do i do i mean my poor little sister she is afraid to go to sleep and she is three what do I do?

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