Night Visitor

by ParaDaughter
(High Bridge NJ)

I spent the night at my sister in law's townhouse in Sterling, Virginia. Although I had slept in the townhouse before, this time felt different. I could feel a maternal presense in the house. I thought it to be my deceased mother in law. My sis in law and I chatted about what I sensed and about the afterlife in general. My sister in law seemed oblivious to the idea her mother was watching over her.

When I settled into bed that night I quickly drifted off to sleep. Not long after I was jolted awake by the distinct click of the bedside lamp switch . The room was flooded with light. I sat straight up, expecting to see my sister in law looming over me yet no one was there. My heart beating out of my chest. Every hair on my body was standing up. I think my mother in law made her point.

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