Nichols Ave. Route 108 Huntington CT (now Shelton CT. by D. Dio

by D. Dio
(Huntington CT USA)

1968 I was 7 yrs old, and was with my Grandparents driving towards Bridgeport CT on Nichols Ave Route 108, coming from Huntington Rd. (Huntington Center) Connecticut. The roads were heavily wooded in the mid 60's with the absence of box stores and traffic. It was late Oct. around 8pm and we were in an old station wagon, my Grandfather driving, as I sat in my Gran's lap. (Before seat belt laws).

I remember being excited to spend the weekend with my Grandparents and had my little Mary Poppins suitcase in toe. My Grandmorher was telling us a funny story on our way to Bridgeport and I remember my Granfather and I laughing and hanging on to every word.

As we turned on to Nichols Ave we proceeded up a slight hill. We saw a tall man, very thin in a long black coat, with a black fedora type hat. He was walking quickly on the right side of the road towards our car.

My Gran said, "what a tall man, what do you think his Mother feeds him"? "He must drink all his milk and eat all his cereal to grow so tall" ! Again, we all laughed and I was excited to drive past this tall odd man.

As we approached, , my Granfather slowed the car down, adding to our fun and excitement, my Gran and I histerically laughing and begging him to speed up.

The car head lights illuminated the tall mans face....suddenly and the car went silent. For some strange reason perhaps shock, my Granfather stopped the car. The tall man bent down next to our window and put his face against it and looked at all of us intensely.

I clearly remember screaming and bursting into tears, holding on to my Gran for dear life. I recall Gran screaming "Oh My God Jimmy" ...and my Granfather yelled at the man, "You
S.O.B how dear you scare a little girl"!

The man stood back from the car totally unemotional, as we quickly drove off. I was inconsolable, and my Granparents broke into their native language so I would not understand what they were saying.

My Gran told me, it was just a tall boy in a costume trying to scare people for fun. Although I was only 7, I knew she was just trying to make me feel better and they were as scared as I was.

The rest of the car ride consisted of my Granparents trying to console me.

The next Morning , I overheard the retellig of the incident, (my Gran speaking to my Mother on the telephone) very upset and concerned. I heard her say, they would never speak of "it" again in front of me. And would stick to their story that it was a kid out having fun.

I am now in my 50's, and every detail of that night is etched in my memory, mostly being face to face with this freighting being. His eyes were big hollow circles, and his who face glowed. If you can picture a skeletons face lit from within, on a 7 foot tall, stick thin body, dressed in a long black coat and fedora hat. That is exactly what he looked like.

He simply bent down looked in the car at each of us intently, then stood up and proceeded to walk swiftly down Nichlos Ave, as we continued in the opposite direction, on our way to Bridgeport.

Was it a hoax? Was it true? I will never know. I heard of the melon heads, never encountered one. I have heard of men in black, perhaps this was one of them?
Please respond if you have had a similar experience in this area or know of a prankster that fits this story and time frame.

D. Dio

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