by Nicci Shatto Martinez
(Denver, CO)

I grew up in Cheyenne and know of more haunted locations. In fact, the tunnels, which I have been in under the Plains Hotel, are closed off to the public. Before closing them off, there was not much to see since the tunnels are too dangerous with asbestos and filled with rubble from years of no maintenance. The Atlas Theater, St. Marks church,Frontier Hotel, the Masonic Temple, Hynds Building and the Supreme Court building just to name a few, are more haunted locations of Cheyenne. There was also a house that I grew up by out in Rolling Hills housing development that is haunted by a husband and wife that was murdered by their plumber. The woman wrote "plumber" on the wall in the basement with her blood before she died. They figured out it was the plumber because he dropped a book of matches that said "your poop is our soup". It was back in the 70's that the murders took place, late 70's I think. There are a handful of houses in town that are haunted as well. Check them out and list more of these places! Thank you.

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