New York, NY.

by Robert
(New York, NY USA)

First some background information. My grandfather was a stubborn old man who disowned my mother when she eloped and married my father without his blessing. My grandmother begged for a reconciliation but the old man forbade her to visit her daughter or see her grandchildren. My brother and I grew up wondering why we never got to to go to "grandma's house". Not even a phone call. When I was 5 my grandfather died and I remember my mother rushing off to Seattle for the funeral. My father was a proud man so still no contact was made with my grandmother, now old and frail.(I remember many loud arguments between my parents on this issue). These events occured in the 1960s.

One evening about a year later the phone rang in our 14th floor apartment on 125th street, Manhattan. My mother clearly upset by the call and crying, sent my older brother (8) and I (6) to bed. As usual we talked, threw pillows at each other and then he was asleep in his bed. I remember being wide awake and feeling uneasy. Then I saw right at the foot of my bed a figure of a lady standing very still and staring at me. I was really scared and closed my eyes hoping she would disappear. When I looked again she seemed a little closer, still staring at me. My brother was still snoring in spite of me calling his name, and I did not dare move. I recall that I could see right through her and she had an old fashioned dress on. This continued for about 10 minutes though it felt like hours. Then my Mom opened the door to check on us. When she closed the door the apparition was gone. Still petrified I built up the courage to run to my parents room where I cowered the rest of the night.

The next day I told my Mother before she left for Washington. She looked at me funny, but said it must of been a nightmare. I remember being very angry at not being believed.

Years later we talked about it and put the pieces together. That phone call the night before was to inform her that grandma had had a stroke. She died later that night at about the same time I saw the ghost. I believe the ghost was the spirit of my grandmother, finally able to see her grandchildren.

Decades have gone by (I am now 53) along with a few other paranormal experiences (and a lot of nightmares), but this stands out as clear as if it happened yesterday. I treasure that "visit" and will never forget it.

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