New House

by Cole Kane

Well, I've always been into reading ghost stories and I never thought it would actually happen to me.

So me and my family moved into a new house - I know very cliché haha.
After a few days of being in the house, it was just me and my older sister in the house and we were down stairs eating lunch and we could hear someone moving around up stairs.. we just shrugged it off, later on I went up stairs and my bedroom was stone cold and there was a weird smell, I just assumed I had left the window open.

Nothing really happen for a few days apart from bumps in the night. Until I was home alone and I saw someone run past the bottom of the stairs, me being a big woose ran and hid in my bedroom, I heard doors slamming etc and I thought it was a burglar so I called my sister and she got home and their was no signs of forced entry and all the doors and windows were locked.

Up until recently the thing in our home has never harmed any of us it would only move stuff around and make noises and genuinely scare the crap out of us.

The first person it harmed was my little brother, it mad his mirror fly across the room at him and a big shard impaled its self in his foot. The second was myself it was at night and I went to the bathroom and I saw a figure on the stairs so I retreated into my bedroom and hid under the covers only to be dragged out of bed and thrown across the room.

I don't know what to do and I need help, please email me


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Aug 15, 2016
by: Georgia

I have many times cast out evil spirits. You can too. 1. Holy Water from Catholic Church
2. Sage 3 Crucifixes 4. Bells 5 MOST IMPORTANT " IN THE NAME OF JESUS I CAST YOU OUT, BE GONE NEVER TO RETURN" 6. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your home with light and love. 7 Ask for God to set his Angels round about you and keep you safe from harm. You and 2 or 3 friends can start in any room of your home, Ring the bells, light the sage and sprinkle the Holy Water. Keep repeating the Name of JESUS and asking for the Holy Spirit to fill your home. If you wish to contact me, Glad to help if I can. It has always worked for me even against witches spells.

Jul 27, 2016
by: JC

First of all, I have a website that is very informative: and will fill you in on information about the paranormal. Secondly, what you are dealing with is not a simple spirit. My analysis is that you are dealing with a either a poltergeist or an evil entity. Beware of people who offer to deal with this problem for you if they want to charge you a fee. My recommendation is that you contact a catholic priest in your area (or a bishop if possible.) Tell them what you are going through and ask for their help. You do not have to be catholic for them to help you. Ask them how to locate a priest who "clears homes of a harmful, paranormal presence. If you do not find help, you should not remain in that house. The paranormal entity has made it clear that it intends your family harm, and may escalate. In the meantime, I recommend that your family purchase several crucifixes, have them blest by a catholic priest, and hang them throughout the house. Purchase white sage, place it in a fireproof open container, light it and spread the smoke throughout every room in the house while saying the words, "Any presence in this house who is not a loving presence, LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW!" Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for each bedroom and and keep them lit day and night. Do the white sage burning (cleansing) daily for the first two weeks, then weekly, thereafter. Some people have luck doing these rather simple steps, but not everyone does.. Again, if these steps or having a catholic priest come to your home are not effective, you should not remain in that house. Best of luck and prayers are sent your way, ~JC

Jul 25, 2016
May can help you NEW
by: David Flash

My girlfriend and I may be able to help even though I am in the US and she is in England. We have worked many cases like this for many years and is what we deal with most. There are many other ways of helping through email or even skype. If no problem we will try to email you sometime tomorrow or the next day. 26th or 27th.
Sorry for your problems but hopefully we can help. Until then be bold and show as less fear as possible, energy thrives on energy.
We also know many groups and may be able to find on close to you.

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