New home, New Haunts: A Young Girls Haunted Home

by Allison
(Nogales, AZ)

My sisters (10 and 12 yrs. old) and I (11 yrs. old) live with our grandparents and dad; we live in an almost new house. We watched it get built actually. We have a GREAT play room upstairs; we think it may be HAUNTED!

My sisters and I LOVE watching Ghost Adventures, Ghost Stories, etc. We were up there playing, cleaning, and suddenly saw a person's reflection. We turn around, NO ONES THERE!!! Morgan, my younger sister, was scared. "Alli, Bailey, what was that???" "I dunno, creepy." "Yeah, totally!"

Another time Morgan saw INDIAN FEET by the closet. "ALLI!!!!!" "Wadda you want Mo!" "I SAW SUMTHIN!!!" "What mo?" "INDIAN FEET! NO SHOES OR NOTHING!!!"

We don't get it, a somewhat new home, haunted? Impossible! Not even close, it is very possible. Well I sorta guessed and found that we may be located on an unknown battle field or something! After all, Indians did live in the area, in Tubac, Tumacacorri, etc.

We also went to various 'paranormal' areas such as Vulture Mine (Nevada), Bisbee (Arizona), Tombstone (Arizona), and MANY other historic, 'paranormal', and interesting places.

Vulture Mine was VERY paranormal! While my sisters and grandma continued walking I stared at the place where Zak Bagans had a pebble or piece of glass thrown at him and saw a hole where there was something looking back at me. Not a person something, a paranormal something! A GHOST!! That was my first 'face to face' account with a ghost. It disappeared before I had a chance to call anyone.

I will continue to talk about my ghost accounts and more soon. I hope you enjoyed my real-life ghost happenings. :) Thank you and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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