New Century Sheriffs Operations Center, New Century, Ks

by Jimmie Wrigley
(Louisburg, KS)

I used to work nights at the Operations Center in New Century. One night I was particularly busy typing reports. My desk sat right next to the kitchen area. First I heard the coffee pot move around and doors open and closing and souned like someone opening a drawer and rifling through the spoons. I thought the night janitor had come in without me noticing. I looked over and nothing was out of order and no one was there. Suddenly I heard the exit door in the back of the office rattle furiously, I ran around to see the mini blind shaking fiercely. Then it stopped. I was a little shaken for sure.

A couple of nights later I had a new person to train and it started up again. She was so scared she left and quit the job. Others had some sort of experience out there.
I told my Sargent the next day and everyone thought I was nuts. The back door was so tight, it couldnt be budged. As far as I know after I transfered to another unit, no one ever worked the night shift again.

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