New Castle Indiana, Monkey Jack Bridge

by Sean Conley
(New Castle, Indiana- U.S.A)

Monkey Jack is an old wooden bridge, and the site of an actuall murder. On July 26, 1956 a teen couple were looking for a place to be alone. They arived at monkey Jack which was out in the country. Later on in the evening they heard on the radio that a convicted murder had escaped county prison. The girl started to panic, so the boy gave her his jacket and just to settle her said he would check the area. It was an hour and the girl had fallen asleep, she was constantly being awoken to a scratching noise coming from the top of the roof. It was morning when a sheriff woke her. He told her to step out of the car, and not look up. Being a teenager she looked up to see her boyfriend murdured and mutilated, hanging by his feet from a tree just above the car. The paint on top of the car had been scratched off by his finger nails. As the years went by it was an attraction for local teens to test there bravery. Rumors are if you get out of your car, and walk around, when you return to your car the paint on top will be chipped off. The bridge is no longer on a road and you have to take a trail to get there. But if you ask anyone in henrey county and even in most parts of Indiana they've heard of the story. A remix of the story was even in the popular "Scary Storires to Tell in the Dark.

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