Never Trust Your Own House.

by Trinity
(501 North Street Henderson,IA, 51541)

When I was about 8 or 9 my own house started to show haunting signs most 'normal' houses don't have. My house was built in 1915 not quite a century yet. I was outside playing and then I was told to go inside by my grandma who was also outside cooking. It was summer of 2009, around 6:30. I went in and washed my hands for dinner, I turned of the water and it turned right back on. I kept shutting it off but it wouldn't stay off. I then left it alone and sat at the table. It started to move. I got up and ran outside to tell her what was happening but she was not out there. I was looking around for her when I saw her walk in side. I followed her and she got our dinner ready. Like nothing ever happened. I was getting ready for bed when she was leaving for work and my grandpa would be home any minute. He never came home that night. If I was to stay in my room I would of surely not of made it out unhaed. Threre was a mist like figure( human shapes ) with eyes and it was looking right at me. I was to scarred to move. To scarred to breath. I sat on my bed in horror. It moved into a small closet. I made a run for it. Later that night, I heard scratching noises from the se room. I never trusted the house to protect me again. I still live there. I sleep rarely at night now. I have nightmares often. It still haunts me. It has ever since. Soon I just plan move and try to forget. I will someday face my fears of my home.

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