Never Sell a Mad Man Acid

by Chera
(Danville, VA)

Shannon was a normal office worker. Liked her job, got good pay, and liked everyday things.

One day Shannon was running late for work. So she took a quick shower and got ready. When she got home, she was so tired. She was glad the next day was Saturday.
That morning, she felt great. So she decided to take a long bath. Later after she cooked her breakfast, and was almost done, she got a text. It said "Take your bath now."
She thought it was a wrong number, so she didn't pay any mind to it. When she was done with he breakfast, and washing the dishes, she went into the bathroom, to take a bath. It was already filled with water. She didn't fill the tub up. And she lived alone, so no one else she knew could have done that. She got a call, "I said take your bath now..." And they hung up. She decided to wait and call the operator.
"Hello, operator? Yes, I'm getting this call and text to say "take a bath now" and I went into my bathroom, and there was water already filled in it. I live alone, and I know for sure I didn't do that. Could you please tell me who is calling me and where he is located? Thanks so much."
Shannon got another call, "I said take your bath right now! Don't make me come in there!" And they hung up.
The operator called and said "It's in your basement, live right now, I'll call the police. Go to your nearest and most trusted neighbors!" And they hung up. Shannon ran out the door to her neighbors
house. So she explained what was going on. Her neighbors name was Cammie. She was one of Shannon's best friends too.
A police man came to Cammie's house and told Shannon, "There was a mad man in your basement. Instead of water, he poured acid into your tub, which would have made all of your skin peel off. And you would have died of blood loss. You were smart to call. Lazy people would just plop into the tub."
Shannon started to feel a weird burning sensation on her hands and feet. She looked at her feet, they were blood red, and so were her hands.
The police told her it was a allergic reaction to being close to the acid and it would go away soon. And it did. The next day she got a call, "I'll get you back..." She called the operator again and asked where the last called was located. "Ma'am there was not location for your last call, there isn't any recent calls." And the operator hung up. Shannon didn't pay any mind.
She had a glass of water sitting on her counter. She went to go get it, and drank some. But it tasted funny. Then she remembered, "I'll get you back..." And the acid she tried to outsmart her with.
It was too late though... Shannon was found dead from drinking the acid. The mad man had escaped. Called her, and she was killed.
So if you ever get a odd text, not knowing who it's from, it could be the same mad man. He never died. He killed more and more people, even today. That story was from at least 20 years ago.

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