nebraska broken bow

by haleigh

I honestly don't know if this place exists ,go onto the site creepypasta and look up the story called the "the showers" supposivevly somewhere off on broken bow theres a eerie lookin path that you can barley make out,occording to the narriater of the tale it should take you hours to find it and when you do there will be trees and bushes that could be blocking the view of that path.supposivley if you do find it and follow it ....well your just gonna have to give the story a read.the narriater claims its a true story and apparently a buntch of people are eager for it to be found..i live in florida so theres no way im gonna come lookin for a creepy old shed but im curious as to weather this place exists...don't go lookin for this place without lookin up the story youll only be confused the narriater explains what to do better ..and what to expect..please look for this place

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Nov 24, 2016
Any luck? NEW
by: Anonymous

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