My TRUE ghost experiences

by Chris Skipper
(Virginia Beach,VA,US)

Some people believe ghosts are inexistent. Well, honestly I have always believed in ghosts. I read stories interested, but then I got scared. My first ghost experience I will never forget. I will actually never forget any of my experiences. My experiences at my own house in Virginia.

My first experience was when I was in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. It was 3:00 am. Most people know this as the demon's hour. I had my closet door open, and I had awoken. Seeing as my bed faces the closet, I couldn't help but look.

As I looked into the closet, I saw the shadow of a person. I opened and closed my eyes to try and make it go away. It never did. I wanted to cry out to my parents, but i was too scared to make a sound. A FEW NOTES ON THIS STORY:

1.I was wide awake. I have a chemical in-balance making sleep impossible without pills, if I wake up, I'm wide awake for a couple hours.

2.Later I found out the spirit was a shadow spirit

3.After that night, I slept with the closet door shut

4.I could see in the closet cause I had a night-light

My next experience I have no explanation for. Most of the time I was alone in the house as my parents worked downtown which is an hour away. One night alone I heard voices. And knocking. I talked to them. I heard wind-chimes even though we didn't own any. I got so scared I was crying.

A few days later I was playing my guitar, and my cat was in the hallway hissing and attacking the air. A FEW NOTES ON THESE EXPERIENCES:

1.I later found out that my step-dad's grandmother had died in this house

2.My cat disappeared a
few days later

3.My parents didn't believe me about the ghosts (at least my mom didn't)

This experience ties in with the first one. It happened a few months ago. I had forgotten to shut my closet door. I awoke at 3:00 am. I noticed the closet door open and jumped up and shut it. I laid down and after a few minutes I heard knocking. It wouldn't stop. I tried blocking it out. With headphones, pillows, my hands and fingers. Nothing worked. I gained the courage to go to my parents room and bring my mom. As she entered the knocking stopped.

I have saved the best for last. One day alone in my house (my step-dad was outside), I was by myself in my room. I heard glass break in the kitchen. I thought it was my step-dad. As I went out there I called his name. He was nowhere to be found (outside of course). The glass that had broken was a collector's item. We had 2 of them. It was broken 5 feet from where it was at. It was located on a shelf up high, with bars around it like a crib so stuff wouldn't fall out.

I think logically. I don't jump to conclusions. I used the replica for a short experiment. It was loaded with a knife so it was much heavier. I tipped it over against the shelf bars to see if it would fall over. It wouldn't. I concluded the glass had to be lifted up and thrown.

1. I am 13 years old.
2. My house is over 50 years old.
3. There are 3 acres of land.
4. My step-dad's grandmother died in here.
5. It is very haunted.
6. The hauntings have not ceased, just slowed down.

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Dec 15, 2011
Johnny the ghost.
by: Andrew Dexter

I can actually relate to your experiences! I once lived in a haunted property called gladstone villa with my family in the 1970's. I was a baby when the phenomena started so i was too young to remember it all but my mother said it started off quietly in the attic! When they heard what they thought what sounded like someone jumping from the attic onto the landing! When they went up the stairs to see what the noise was they found that the shaft of the attic was moved! It eventually occupied itself in the main bedroom which was my grandparents room, and later we would hear reguler footsteps walking around the bedroom and other noises that simply defied rational explanation, it would mainly occur in the evenings when we were all down down stairs watching tv and we would turn the tv down to hear it more clearly. When we would go upstair to investigate we could find nothing to account for the noises. A family friend, mrs france who would visit most evenings didnt was sceptical at forst when my grandmother told her it was haunted,she said it was the vibration from the traffic outside, but her belief system was soon to be challenged when the phenomena actually happened when she was there.Mrs france witnessed with her own eyes the activity as the lights were going off and on and we knew there was no elecrical fault! Then she knew. She got a local medium involved. When he arrived he first asked some questions before starting, and when he did begin he challenged the spirit to perform by knocking the ceiling with a sweeping brush, and sure enough the ghost knocked back at him! The medium also went into a trance to try and make contact but he could get no name but he did confirm that there was indeed a presence in the house. Another time a priest came to bless the house and after that there was peace and quiet for a few short months, but it did return! This time the spirit decided to show itself! One evening we were all watching tv and my mother just so happened to look towards the doorway and saw the figure of a monk! We didnt see it but my mother later described it to us! We had the ghost for so long that my grandmother called him 'johnny' We left gladstone villa in the summer of 1978 and has since been turned into a hotel, the staff say that its still there and there have been sightings in room 5, grandparents old room. What i have said here is the absolute truth, and for those who dont believe me can certainly stay the night at 'redz park hotel, bargoed' I defy them! More of this true story can be found on ' THE HISTORY OF THE PARC HOTEL, BARGOED'

Feb 22, 2011
ghosts at my bed side
by: fern

for two weeks now iam seeing shadows at my face at night in bed sometimes it gos past my face and sometimes it gos past the window the wall past my face or just make me think that iam going nuts does any body see shadows in your face at night please tell me so!!so i dont think that iam going nuts fern at thanks

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