my story....all true

by Mickey
(fort dix New Jersey, garden terrace)

I live in fort dix New Jersey, and the housing area where I live in, garden terrace is haunted. my house exspecially, I am 13 years old, my name is Mickey, I'm one of those people who can tell if ghost or anything thing else that isn't supposed to be here, is near. my room, is the most haunted, I was sleeping and at one o'clock sharp, I awoke to see a figure standing in the corner. at first I thought it was my older brother just playing a prank on me, but that was until it moved or glided over to my bed, I could feel hands around my throat, I couldn't breath. it's presence lasted a while after it disappeared. then I remembered that something in early childhood was just like this, it felt oddly familiar to me. I later found out what and who it was. it was a demon. who is still attached to me, he never told me what he wanted with me. I feel his presence near me everywhere I go. right at this moment, he is standing by my back door, watching me very closely. my friends all know all about him, they have even accepted the knowledge of him around. I don't know how he was attached to me, but it changed my life forever. I never knew what my 6th sence was until I was five when I first had my encounter with a demon. from then on, I try to hide it, but sometimes can't, my mood changes and I can't light headed when I try to ignore something of the supernatural world. I never learned what his name was, and I might never know. i still have very high paranormal activity and I know when it's a good or bad sprit, a demon or a ghost. This is my story......

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