My stay at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel

by Olivia
(Cordova, Tennessee, U.S)

First off I could NOT go to sleep. Everytime I was about to fall asleep I was just dragged right out of it. That could just be a coincidence but other people have experienced the same thing. Also you could here a sound like a ball rolling and then the little pitter patter of little feet. This is one of the most popular ghosts at the hotel, the children. Above me I could hear high heels walking up and down the hall and then when it stopped you would hear a door creak closed. In the hallway outside of my room you could hear a man's footsteps but no talking and the footsteps would stop in front of a certain door but then they would just start up again. There were a couple really loud bangs above my room and a couple of door slams. Overall I would say that the Bourbon Orleans Hotel is officially haunted.

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