my spirit friends at my house .sometimes i can feel them and go out to take pic and the orbs are there .all i feel from them is love .i am not scared of them.

by phyllis hinote
(glenwood arkansas)

my home is very active .lots of pic of orbs and now i get a mist spirit on camera sometimes .when i go out to take pic of orbs if there is none .and beleave me i know this sounds crazy .one night there was none and i started talking to them to see if they were real .and they came and if i stay out and talk long enough the mist will come not been in the same shape twice .but always has human face somewhere in it .wish i could share pic with you,ll truley amazing to me .

we bought this place 2 years ago first time i got pic of orbs was at a cook out .now i even get them in house sometimes .could tell you a lot more about why i am convinced they are real.

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