My Orbs appear on command


I often capture orbs around the house and sometimes when a faint one appears I ask it to please appear brighter and bigger and very often the next photo I take an orb will be much bigger and brighter. Ieven ask for more orbs and the next photo will capture many more including coloured ones, mainly peach and blue along with the usual white.

I have a pic with 2 orbs interlinked with one having a red shape in its centre. I enlarged the pic and clearly seen in the red/dark pink area is a face. My daughter and others including myself swear the face looks like me.which is very strange lol. I also have one about 10inch round which appears to resemble the typical "alien" face ie big black eyes odd shaped nose without a mouth. Will put these photos on line soon as I work out how to do it. Julia

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May 16, 2015
Orb Squad NEW
by: Britt

I'm glad to know that there are others who can channel their energy and open their minds to the idea that there are other intelligent beings along side us. To make a long story short, I experienced a lot of deaths in a one year period starting with three close friends and then my unborn baby at 12 weeks old due to a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (which was a near death experience for me and "miracle" to my team of surgeons--as they said none of them had ever seen anyone survive that much blood loss). I had seen one ghost when I was seven and had several other freaky encounters (luckily always with someone to witness) and grown up in a haunted house where my sister, dad, uncle and I have plenty of stories to haunt us for the rest of our mother is a huge skeptic of everything and creates her version of a logical explanation for everything unexplained and so we've all come to realize she'll never have these encounters because spirits/other beings know she isn't receptive (like all skeptics). Anyhow, I caught an orb randomly on my cell phone camera in a selfie in January after six consistent months of hearing voices after my near death and loss of my baby (I thought I was legit going crazy) and started researching orbs and saw you could get them to appear on command. I took my digital camera back to the haunted house I grew up in and to other meaningful places, and sure enough, I was capturing orbs all over the place. It started as one intricate white one in my very first pic that moved on command and revealed more "web-like" properties, but I soon learned that I can capture orb pictures almost anywhere...and lots of them now in many colors (but the pearly white ones are most predominant, especially at abandoned houses and graveyards). I showed my sister and she brought her camera and sure enough, they love her as much as they love me. Her boyfriend's father was murdered when he was young and we took him outside with us one night to show him our secret...he was in shock and disbelief at the average orbs we were catching on camera (in addition to the bright green eyeball shaped one and rainbow sparkle jeweled one that appear in a lot of my pictures, and my pics only) and asked for his father's energy to show up if this was all real. My sister and I both took pics of him and her flash went off two seconds before mine...on her camera, this HUGE yellow orb with three smaller holes in its center appeared over his chest, so large it looked like a full moon covering his body; on my camera, that SAME orb is leaving the pic, rising above his head. Since then, he is now able to capture orbs on command as well and no matter where we are, when he specifically asks for his dad, the bright yellow one with three holes appears. We have been studying the phenomenon now for several months and are really tapping into some wild theories from our observations. And on top of that, we all have around a 96% success rate of capturing at least one orb on command...and they seem to be leaving us with more clues each time. We call ourselves OS3 (OrbSquad3) and for now, are sworn to secrecy apart from a few friends and fam we have showed the pics to. Btw, Mom is now a something. I've also noticed that it majorly affects my ability to control electricity (lights especially) and amps my psychic abilities ten-fold for weeks after I go "orb hunting". We have hundreds of orbs and well over 100 pictures between the two of our cameras. The only bad thing I've noticed from me tapping into all of this, is that I think some are able to use my body at their own free will and my mood will change DRASTICALLY when this happens...I can always feel and actually hear the presence of one of these energies and sometime SEE them too! I've asked my sister to take a picture where I think I see a spirit and sure enough, she has captured the orb right where I call it. I usually hear a high pitched ringing in my ears first and then my nose and eyes start dripping uncontrollably like faucets that can't be turned off as I get chills up and down my can lasts hours or a full day sometimes and I almost feel hungover the next morning as I try to come out of the "fog". The three close friends of mine that died last year all died in tragedy and I wonder if two in particular are always trying to connect with me and is the reason I feel their sadness and at times, overpowering suicidal tendencies to which I have no control. Courtland shot himself last March after he got a DUI and dream of the NAVY for Neuc. was drastically postponed (he was the kind of fellow that was a legit genius and something like that was actually devastating to no return in his mind, which was horrible for all of us who didn't see it coming at all, besides the fact that his father had committed suicide when he was young)...Amy overdosed on heroin on purpose...he was the boyfriend of my best friend. She was the ex girlfriend of my best friend's oldest brother and still like a sister to Trisha, so it was devastating on Trisha, and therefore on me as well, to lose both of them in less than six months. Firefly Festival was the last time she got to have both of you in her life at once and ThirdEyeBlind in a month will be our tribute to you two. They were her world as much as I am and she will never be the same because of their deaths. Amy and I had just started getting close when she overdosed and I wish I got to know more of her. I knew Courtland too well and he knew him and I already had a lot of the same tendencies. Sometimes, my trackpad goes haywire and I have no control over my MacBook other than to sit and watch which pages and words the energy using my laptop wants to show me. If either of you are reading this right now, I love you both and am close to figuring this out. Please don't take over my laptop quite yet tonight, it's important I finish this entry. I think the terrifying thing is that the rest of the world is so blind to the bigger picture. I will go public with the information and continuing discoveries and pictures when the time is right.

Jan 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Light Breed will and do appear when asked for when at first you capture nothing, I have often asked non believers to do this but to them its a waste of time. The spirits do not wish to waste their time on them either.
Great story though I wish everyone would try this with just a little faith when they ask.

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