My old beautiful house.

by Corrine Horton
(Ashtabula Ohio, USA)

My name is Corrine and I'm 17 years old, when I was 10 my family and I moved into a beautiful century house made in about the 1890s. We had just moved into this beautiful house that was very large. It had two different upstairs, with about 10 different big rooms. When we moved there we had to clean up a lot, but my older brother and I kept getting these weird feelings like someone or something was watching us.

After a few months of living there my brother had moved to three different rooms because he got this very bad feelings from his bedrooms. The last room he lived in faced the street and was rather big. Whenever my brother was gone for the night at a friends how I would crash in his room for the night. Every night at about 3 in the morning is T.V would turn on to nothing but static, then his radio would turn on.

One night him and I were in his room watching T.V together when his radio turned on and he got a really creped out look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong he said he said a pitch black mist standing in his doorway. We didn't sleep that night. We had many pets, manly birds that we would keep in our computer room that connected to one of the bathrooms, and one dog.

One day when my brother and I got home from school we saw all this wood on the floor. It turns out
that our dog had gotten locked in the bathroom next to the computer room and broke through the door. We have no clue how the door got closed on him or how long he was in there for.

Our dog was always barking and starring at the corner of the living room like he was looking at something.

Well when I was about 12 we lost the house and it was torn down, that's when our mom told us something that would stay with me forever. At the time we bought the house our grandmother was living just down the road for us and every time she would drive by the blinds in the living room would be gone. No matter how many times my mom would fix them they would end up of the ground.

So one of my moms work friends told her to bring a medium to the house to look at it. When the medium got there she had a really bad feeling from the house and wouldn't go inside, but when she looked up to the windows upstairs, (My brothers room where he saw the black mist) she told my mother that she saw a black mist shaped like a women.

From the very day we moved there to now, I alway get this weird feeling like someone was there and I swear I see a mist like figure looking at me. My mom thinks I'm crazy always saying that nothings there but I can't help to think something is when all these weird unexplained things happen.

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