My little sister's ghost friends

by Peyton

You see I never truely believed in ghosts and wasen't even very afraid of stories about them, but that was before my sister came along.It was when she was about two when she could bearly walk or talk and before she could tell us what she could see.At first she would walk to the door, (we lived in a trailer) open it, and then wave to something and say "Bye" then she would close the door and walk off to play.Then, one time my oldest cousin and her mom were over talking to my mom when my sister went to the door and did her thing then went to play again.We think it might be a ghost(s) from the graveyard right across the street.A few years later my mom asked my sister "who are you waving to" and my sister replied "my ghost friends".Me and one of my cousins were looking at ghost stories and things started moving around or the timer for cooking would go off and reset itself and go again.That same day me and the same cousin saw one of my sister's dolls look at us and smile.My sister said their names were Dukin (if that's how you spell it, it might be duckin) and Juby.She said there was a mean one also, but she said if she told who it was it would hurt her and us.Later when she was about four she said a new ghost friend had come and it's name was (IDK how you spell it) seves.One

time she was playing school and me and my cousin (the one looking up scary stories) came in and tried to sit down in two empty places on the floor when my sister started shouting "NO NO guys you can't sit there that's where my ghost friends are sitting" so we just said "ok" and left.By now we all thinking maybe they were real.We wanted to go look at the graves for the names, but we never did.When we moved to a new house (in the same field as the trailer) the things stopped and it seemed whatever disturbed us was gone.But every now and then i feel something touch me or hear something,most likely meaning that whatever it was is still there.You know i kind of miss that being able to talk to people about that stuff that happened.Also, i just remembered this when we were at my mamaw's house i was talking to my sister and she all of a sudden got really mad and slapped me harder then she could slap, so i just wonder what happened.One more thing me and my oldest cousin were plaing hide-and-seek and she hid in a car and while i was looking for her when i heard a scream come from behind the building.I freaked out because i thought she was hurt so i ran around the building and noone was there.I found here in the car and asked her if she,for some reason,screamed.She said no and i still get scared i'll hear it again.

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