My last goodbye

by Lizzie

When i was oh i dont know four or five, my great grandma was very ill and so we said goodbye after every visit.( we saw her almost every day.) on day i got a call from my frand ma crying and said that she was dead, i told my mom and she speed to her house. we had the funeral as soon asssibe my grandma's father died about four years before, and she olny lived with my aunt.The day of the funeral i went to the bathroom and didnt turn on the light( i was cunfused i thought bloody mary could only hurt you in the lightlol i know) any way i say i saw my grandma at the end of the hall walking in what seemd to be her Wedding dress to my dead grandpa in a tux. they looked back and waved at me and disappeared. i didnt know who it was since my grandma had a walker and she did not. i latter saw a pichur of her in a weding dress, looking back waveing. at this time i had never seem that picture

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