My housepark hills, mo

by Katie F
(10 Kearns)

Well it all started a month ago, or maybe even longer but I still didn't realize. But the sounds have been getting louder. My house is old and we are renting to own. Its cheap and the landlord wants to get rid of it because he has to much property. Well, he doesn't have any contact with us at our house at all, we always have to go somewhere else. Anyway, Sometimes at night I would hear this knocking sound...just knocking like four times and I thought it was my dog doing something so I didn't think about it, Well it wasn't until yesterday morning I got really concerned. I was doing my school work and I heard the knocking again and this time it was in the corner of my bedroom and it shaked the whole floor. I thought it was my dog again but she was right behind me staring at the spot. I watched alot of paranormal shows and I sometimes go ghost hunting so "Ghost" popped into my head. I called my dad and he looked around and couldn't find anything. He said that it must have been an animal under the house...I know now animal could have made a loud, distint knocking on my floor that shook me when i was sitting on the floor across the room. Then I started realizing at night my dog would act up. She would start barking and growling at random places of the house and even outside in plain day light and i would look out the window and see nothing. Around the same time every night, alittle after midnight my guinea pig would start freaking out...he would run around his cage and start squeling like he was screaming. I opened the door and he jumped at me and he was scared out of his wits. I think its getting worse but I only here the knocking. I haven't tried an EVP session or a spirit box. Or even pictures. But that knckng that shook the floor really has me flustered...I can't get it out of my head.

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