My House

by Amanda

Growing up I always had a love of paranormal things and such. I didn't believe it much, though. I would love reading about experiences, sightings, and feelings.

Okay, well, I first lived in an apartment, until my little brother was born. My family moved into my aunt's old house. We lived there until I reached grade 4. My parents divorced and my mother, brother and I moved into an apartment.

It was a simple, upstairs, three bedroom apartment. I slept in my own room and didn't mind it at first. The longer we lived there the stranger things got.

I would always hear weird noises, and see shadows.

I remember one night I was laying down. It was about three in the morning and I was thirsty. I tip-toed out of my room and down the hall, trying to stay quiet. I got to the kitchen, opening the fridge, grabbed my water, and started to head back. I passed by the living room and saw someone on the couch. He just sat there.

I distinctly remember he sat, leaning back, with his legs crossed at the knee. He had a hat, a suit, and was completely black. He just sat there, looking ahead. I stood there, shocked before saying, "Who are you?" He looked over, smiled, held up his finger to his lips meaning 'shh'. He laughed, stood up and walked towards me. He didn't moved his legs thought, he floated. He got about five feet from me and disappeared. I ran to my room and stayed there.

Another thing to happen was after we moved. We moved just down the road from the apartments into a two story house after my parents got back together. We moved in around October and this took place in June/July.

It was about one in the morning and it was scorching hot inside. I sneak myself down the stairs and into the living room. I walked into the living room and turned on two lights. I started to walk to to the garage where the Popsicles were.
I took two steps and someone shouts, "Amanda!" I froze. I turned on all the downstairs lights, got my Popsicle and ran back upstairs.

We still live in the same house and more things happen almost every week.

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