My house, Polk City, Florida

by Tabitha cooke pulliam
(polk city florida)

Well my grandmother just recently died in 2005 and my grandfather past away just last week my step dad's mom killed her self by overdose of pill popping, my dad died of murder my name is Tabitha Cooke and this is my story.....

I come home from school every day and when I am home alone I feel coldness. For instance when I get mad at someone I feel a hand grab onto my shoulder - cold but calming. I keep thinking it's my grandmother or my dad trying to calm me down or something. I've heard footsteps and seen glass cups fall for no aparent reason, I have seen knives fly across the room & my step dad's mom killed herself when he was 16 and he is 47 now so it's been a long time I have seen faces that look like my loved ones I have lost. Orbs not so much, but voices alot of the time...

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