my house in the netherlands

I moved into an old renting house in the netherlands and when i first set my foot into the house i loved it overthere. The first night was scary, i heared footsteps and saw through a window in my door a man who was just walking by so i immediately got out of bed, looked for the man to get him out of my house but i couldnt find him. So i went back to my bed. as soon as i laid down i heared strange noises from the bathroom so i went to the bathroom to see whats happening. I saw my stuff lying over the floor while i was the only one in the house. I immediatly thought: this must be a ghost! but i also knew there wasnt much i could do so i went back to bed.

The following days i had several visitors and they all said: I feel something strange, its like someone is touching me while i dont see anyone. So one of them said: i dont welcome you here what ever you are, so get out of this house!
suddenly he was lifted up and thrown against the wall.
The following days became worse day by day it was scaryer to live in that house. when i lived there for 2 weeks the stars were very clear and 2 of my friends were visiting me. We all looked at the sky and saw a pentacle in the sky. My friend took a picture of it and the face of someone who tried to kill me but accidentaly killed himself was in the sky.
I dont have the pictures anymore but it was the most scary ghost story i ever experienced and heared.

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