My house in Florida

by Raven

I honestly think my house is haunted. Here is a story to prove it. Now, this story might not seem scary, but it was. One morning, I had awoken at the sound of a big bang against my wall.(Even though there would never be a point for anyone to do that)This bang got just the slightest bit softer, but not much. At first, I thought it was a robber trying to to break the wall to get in to my house. But, I happened to glance at the clock and noticed it was around 7:00 and I was kind of confused. Two questions occurred to me... "#1-Why would someone be breaking in to my house at 7:00 in the morning?" and "#2-Even if a robber was trying to break my houses wall to get inside, they could easily just open the unlocked door that was very easy to get to?" I kept on hearing this for a minute or two.

This happened three times.(including the first time) One of the times, my mom was with me. She heard it,(so did I)so, got up to check it out.(By the way, all three times I was sleeping in the living room, where there was a door leading outside) As soon as she lifted her body, the banging stopped, but, she still continued her journey. When she got to the door, she opened it,(of course) and saw that no one was there. (Sorry, but my hands hurt from typing and I am not able to write anymore of my stories.)

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