My House Haunting

I dont feel comfortable giving out my name and area, so I won't fill that in.

Even though my expirences have ceased for over five years now, I can still remember them from what my parents have told me. I was only two or three when they happened, but I was a smart kid even then but I didnt know of spirits until about five or six.

I'm going off of what my mom and step dad have told me of the expiriences in our house. Now, Ive lived in this house almost all my life but I know very little about it. Ive tried research but come up with nothing so the sightings Ive had make little to no sense to me.

Now, Ill start off with the ones we've had in my house. The ones my parents had to remind me of, little tidbits that are still very faint and cloudy in my memory.
My mom told me that I had often seen the ghost in our house. He really liked our game room, whoch is just a small room with darts and a pool table really. The first one my mom told me about (she hates talking of it so this took tons of coaxing and reasoning) was when I was about two years old. I had been playing with one of my toys on the small staircase to the gameroom while my mom was upstairs. Now for her, I had screamed and ran upstairs crying and said I had seen a man in the house. She had me describe him to her, and I did.
He was an african american man, tall, and dark eyes, when I was so young though I said he had had black eyes. My mom said that he had looked around the couch at me, we had a big black couch up there to sit on by the fireplace. I guess I had said he poked his head around the side and stared at me. Thinking about that now, makes me very uneasy.

The second time was smilar. I was once again on the staircase, I think I was playing some game my brother gave me (he was about nine at that time). I guess I heard something and looked up and he was standing in the gameroom. Staring at me I guess. My mom never really told me what he did when I saw him, I was two, that wasnt important to me. I just thought he was a scary man in our house.

Now, my parents (my mom and my step dad) knew the house was haunted. But they never told me or my brother knowing we would get scared. The spirit stayed downstairs, where my brother and my rooms are, our parents rooms are upstairs so of course they wouldnt want to tell us.
Overtime, like all children, I made imaginary friends. Mine
was, Spile. Spile became our nickname for that ghost in our house (I know it sound rediculous, but its true.) and I guess as I got older I forgot there was a ghost but like my biological father I was very interested in the supernatural.
I remember my mom told me how one one night her cleaning things had fallen from the closet and clattered on the floor in the night. The next morning my mom asked me if I had done it. My only response was "I didn't do it, Spile did." This kind of surprised me when I heard it. My mom said I said that a lot when things like that happened. I always blamed Spile, that ghost, and I think my parents knew it was the ghost too. Maybe I thought of him as my imaginary friend? Haha.

But as time when on, Spile was forgotten and I became more interested in ghosts amd I frequently read about haunted places. My mom didnt enjoy it much but my dad didnt mind, he was interested too.

Now this one I remember was when I was about seven or eight (notice how long that ghost was here). I was drawing with my tv going in my room, the remote by my side. The tv all of a sudden just switched channels on me. I figured i had accidently pressed a button so i changed t back and put the remote a good distance from me curious if it was me or not. It did happen again. It changed channels and then randomly just shut off, then it turned back on. By this point I was pretty fed up and done with this nonsense. So, I said "Whoever you are, KNOCK IT OFF!" Real angry like.
Turning my tv back on, I sat there and waited for it to happen again. It didnt.

Then my mom told me about how her, her friend and my sister had been upstairs on the computer. They had been looking up things about ghosts just for fun. Well, this picture came up of a tall, handsome middle aged man. He was african american, with dark hair and very dark colored eyes. After that picture came onto the screen, the computer crashed.

This has ceased for about five years now. No expirences, no sightings, nothing. The only thing weve seen as "weird" would be my friends house and a UFO a few years back.
But its very very strange of how Spile left.
Five years ago, my grandpa died of cancer, the night he died, my mom said ot was very hectic. Things fell over, banging, creaking, a lot of things. The night my grandpa died, we think he chased away whatever was in our house for all those years.
It just sometimes diesnt make sense, we didnt know who this man was, why he was here, how he died. Nothing.

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