my horrible house im living in

by Amber
(kirbyville missouri, United States )

It seems that every house we live in there is paranormal. the first house we lived in the surround sound would turn on off all by itself. The T.V would come on every morning around 3. The dishes would rise. I would look down the hall way and see the chair rocking all by itself but nobody was there. I would catch dozens of orbs all the time. My mom and dad where sleeping one night. And asked me the next morning why did u push down on the bed real hard and just kneeling there. I told her i was never in her room She said there was a girl kneeling by the bed. My sister would see a reall tall women in a white gound with black hair every now and then. My feet would constantly get touched every night before i went to bed. We moved out of that house and the house where living in now has paranormal to. One day a soda can just flew across the room. The lights will turn on. When i go to bed in my room i feel touching on my private parts but nobodyy is there. The blanket rises off of me. strange noises in the house all the time. One dad i was coming out of my room and looked and seen a bigger person just the shape but the figgure was white. i looked back cause i couldnt believe what i saw and nothing was there. I just think that the paranormal follows my family every where..

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